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HillTop Baptist Church Students Youth

Sundays| 5:30 - 7:30 pm @ HillTop

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One More: One More Saved; One More Sent

Welcome to HillTop STUDENTS

Our Mission

Jeremiah 17:8


Because here at HillTop Baptist Church we believe that a mature, responsible adult who is equipped to live life to the fullest is the goal of every loving parent for their students.


By coming along side parents to help equip their students into a mature, responsible adult who is equipped to discover and live God’s best.

Spiritual Growth Plan



Heart Change

Our identity not only affects how we see ourselves, but also our entire worldview. An identity in Jesus Christ is necessary to experience abundant life. One's identity is formed in Christ through salvation, authentic worship, and active obedience.



Mind Change

Growth is obviously essential to life. We are called to continual growth in Christ, which produces “spiritual fruit.” Marks of maturity include consistent growth, wise choices, and Godly relationships.



World Change

As a responsible follower of Jesus Christ, we must demonstrate faithful obedience to His commands. We are called to a sincere relationship, selfless service, and missional living. 

The Process

As we encounter Jesus, heart-change naturally comes from Grounding our Identity in Christ. That Grounding leads to mind-change and Growing/Maturing in our faith. With Growth comes a sense of Responsibility that will lead us to Go as followers of Jesus to be a part of world-change. We experience these things through our Wednesday PM programming, and our Sunday AM Small Groups.

Grounded For Life

Here at HillTop STUDENTS we have developed a spiritual growth strategy for Students that we call Grounded for Life. This strategy encourages and equips students to be Grounded, Growing, and Going. Students will acquire the tools to develop a deeper understanding of their Identity, what Maturity looks like, and how a follower of Jesus takes Responsibility. Everything we do comes back to modeling and teaching this plan.

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